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        Ф5x15m Cement mill

        Description of this cement mill:

        Mill specification: Ф5x15 m

        Grinding method: closed circuit (90%clinker, 5% Gypsum, 5% limestone)

        Output: 150t/h (feeding material: 25mm90% passing)

        Rotary speed: 14.5r/min

        Loading capacity of grinding body:350t

        Installed power: 6300KW

        Driving method: Central drive

        Total weight of equipment: **** t (exclude main motor, main reducer, sliding shoe lubricating station)

        II. Weight and material of parts

        Rotary part: Total weight: 387840

        Shell material: 20g   Thickness of steel plate: 62mm

        Sliding ring at feeding end and sliding ring at discharging end  Material: 20g-Z25,20g

        Double-diaphragm grate     material: Chromium alloy cast steel

        Discharging grate    material:  Chromium alloy cast steel

        Liner        Material: Chromium alloy cast steel

        Support device for feeding sliding shoe

        Support bush

        Material of bush body: ZG270-500     Material for bush liner: ZSnSb11Cu6

        Concave sphere and convex sphere     Material: 34CrNi3MoA

        Bottom plate    Material: Q235B

        Roller    material: 45

        Sliding shoe cover            Material: structural parts

        Supporting device of discharging sliding shoe

        Supporting bush

        Material of bush body: ZG270-500   Material of bush liner: ZSnSb11Cu6

        Concave sphere and convex sphere         Material: 34CrNi3MoA

        Bottom plate    Material: Q235B

        Roller    material: 45

        Fixed block   Material: HT200

        Sliding shoe cover            Material: structural parts

        Feeding device              Material: structural parts

        Discharging cover:            Material: Structural parts

        Installation tools for sliding shoe

        Lubricating oil station for sliding shoe bearing

        Specification: GDRH-8/125 high and low pressure thin oil station          two units

        Model of motor of high pressure pump: ABB motor    two units

        Electromagnet                     220V 5A  one point

        Power of motor of high pressure pump(KW): 5.5

        Nominal pressure of high pressure pump (MPa):31.5

        Nominal flow of high pressure pump:   8

        Motor model of low pressure pump:   ABB motor        two units

        Motor power of low pressure pump (KW): 5.5

        Nominal pressure of low pressure pump (MPa): 1

        Nominal flow of low pressure pump(L/Min): 125

        Power of electric heater (KW): 4KW        three units

        Oil tank volume (M3): 2.5

        Filtering accuracy (mm):             0.08

        Media viscosity (C.S.T):             N680

        Media temperature(℃):          40x3

        Return oil temperature (℃):       65

        Cooling area (M2):                 20

        Cooling water temperature (℃):    33

        Cooling water pressure MPa):      0.4

        Cooling water consumption M3/h:   11.25

        Cooling water usage: cooling water consumption of sliding shoe bearing M3/h:      5X2
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