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        Wang Jiaan, President of Jiangsu Pengfei, was invited to attend the founding ceremony of Tajikistan Cement Project
        From September 16 to 20, 2019, Wang Jiaan, President of Jiangsu Pengfei Group, and four people, at the invitation of Tajikistan Cement Co., Ltd., participated in the founding ceremony of EP project of 3 300 tons per day cement production line contracted by Pengfei Group.

        The founding ceremony was attended by the top leaders of Tajikistan, including President Emomali Rahmond of Tajikistan and Mayor Rustam Emomali of Dushanbe. More than 300 people attended the founding ceremony. Pengfei is responsible for the overall design of the project, mechanical and electrical equipment, installation and commissioning, up to production standards, production and maintenance.

        During the event, President Emomali Rahmond of Tajikistan and President Wang Jiaan of Pengfei had in-depth and friendly talks. Mr. President fully praised Pengfei Group's support and assistance for the pre-project work. He hoped that Pengfei Group would build the project into a demonstration line of energy conservation, environmental protection and garden style, and look forward to further cooperation in the future. President Wang Jiaan thanked Mr. President for his support and trust in Pengfei, answered in detail some related matters of Mr. President, and expressed sincere thanks for the warm invitation of the Tajikistan side, looking forward to further deepening cooperation. A new chapter between China and Tajikistan friendship!

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