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        Turnkey contracting(EPC)_Turnkey Service

        Turnkey Service

        For all kind of project, Jiangsu PENGFEI Group mobilizes all the required resources:

        1. Dedicated manager and project team
        2. In-house project management skills: planning, procurement, logistic, quality & inspection...
        3. Multidisciplinary trades: process, civil, mechanical, electricity/automation...
        4. PENGFEI  implements tailor-made projects scheme and solutions to meet EPC - turnkey service

        PENGFEI EPC- turnkey service including raw material testing, engineering design, equipment manufacturing, installation & commissioning, operation training and finally achieves the designing capacity and production standard. Our company can provide the service from the proposal designing till the plant running to meet your integrated purchase requirement.

        EPC Service Scope

        • 300t/d --5,000t/d cement production line
        • 200-1500t/d active lime production line

        Engineering Achievement

        Since 1953, the company has succeed in supplying more than 100 EPC projects for cement,, active lime production line ---”turnkey” service to customers at home and abroad. The large steel castings we produced are sold all over China and exported to over 50 countries in Central Asia, South Asia, North America, South America and Europe. The global largest vertical roller mills manufacturer Flsmidth and the global largest steelmaker Mittal Group both are our customers.

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