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        600t/d avtive lime prodution line
        Jiangsu Pengfei Group undertakes 600t/d avtive lime prodution line  of CHIZHOU city ,ANHUI province. Total investment of project is RMB80,000,000.  Project range includes process design from limestone crushing to products  leaving the factory. electric and automation design ,equipment supply , installation ,supervision and commissioning of the whole plant and personel training,etc.

        Pengfei Group has successively constructed two active lime projects in Jinzhong Aluminum Industry, Tangshan Portland and Zhanjiang of Baosteel, each with a daily output of 1000 tons.  More than 40 sets have been produced and exported to Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines, Bangladesh and other countries. The latest manufacturing technology and information technology are integrated to provide an important guarantee for the healthy development of lime rotary kiln equipment in China.

        In order to adapt to the impact of China's lime rotary kiln equipment and expand the influence of the whole area, Jiangsu Pengfei group has taken the lead in setting up the national standard working group of lime rotary kiln of the National Standardization Committee for building materials and equipment, and warmly invited building materials standardization enterprises to participate actively, leading the healthy development of enterprises to boost the dream of a powerful nation and expanding international capacity. Positive impact.
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