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        PENGFEI Service Commitment

        Systematic and standardized process ensures timely and sufficient execution from service to production
        Clear and definite the division to guarantee more professional technical support

        PENGFEI build complete system from primary consulting, site investigation, designing and proposal drawing up, manufacturing & delivery to after-sales service, etc., so efficient commitment information is transmitted timely to guarantee that right people supply the professional service and technical service in the correct time.

        Four links guarantee safe and efficient delivery after goods is ready

        List checking:Merchandiser carefully check the model, quantity and spare parts of order equipment to ensure 100% matching with the order.

        Quality inspection:QA seriously check the quality according to quality control plan after finishing the production.

        Packing-list re-checking:Merchandiser checks the packing list one by one before packing to avoid missing.

        Scientific packing:PENGFEI take use professional packing to guarantee safe delivery.


        Professional erection and commissioning guarantee successful acceptance of the production line

        Optional service: PENGFEI’s professional erection team constructs the foundation, installs the equipment and implements the test-run for complete line and personnel training. When relevant project reaches designed standard, it will be transferred to clients and temporary acceptance certificate is issued by customers. Our site service team will guide the personnel for operation till the final acceptance certificate is issued in one year.

        PENGFEI’s professional erection engineer guide the construction of foundation, installation of equipment, test-run of complete line

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